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Hi babes.

I am Lisa. 

Somehow, someway you found your way here for a purpose. Whether that purpose is a new life phase, appreciation for a current phase, a confident boost, or a truly amazing experience. Notice I didn't say gift? Why is that? Well this isn't just about a gift. This is about finding yourself all over again and if by chance you choose to make a gift from your session, cool, but should definitely not be the only reason you step out of your comfort zone (and clothes!).

I have been shooting boudoir since 2013 It is my most favorite thing to do and I am insanely passionate about it. Not only do I offer private sessions, but I also specialize in the most amazing events, empowering seminars, and new this year retreats!

A little more about me... 

I am a mother of three, wifey to my middle school sweetheart, sister, daughter, and avid friend. I am a connector of people, a lover of nature, an artist in all things, and an extreme empath. 

If I can bring happiness into your soul, I am following my mission.


photo: Natasha souder

What Clients Are Saying

"I had my very first session with Lisa the month before my wedding in 2018, was supposed to go with a girlfriend but she bailed last minute so I traveled up alone with a couple outfits, made up face and trepidation in my soul. Not sure what to expect, except that I would be getting fairly naked in front of a complete stranger holding a camera. Lisa was super chill and made me sooo relaxed the whole time, helped me poise myself in ways that are sexy yet provocative--made me feel more beautiful than I could ever hope for. Time passed at the speed of light and I had such a wonderful time, I've been meaning to do a partner shoot with Lisa and the hubby is agreeable, I just need to get it done! Some of the best moments of my life!"- Sarah

"Have you ever had self confidence issues? Do you have them now? Well I use to until I had my first session with Lisa. everyday I woke up looking in the mirror literally HATING everything about me. I had horrible depression and anxiety. I hated my body, I hated me. I lost who I was. I've never been so vulnerable in my life like I was the first time i had my session with Lisa. During the shoot it felt like my safe haven. Not only did I get a mentor for life but I got a friend. I made a forever friend. Lisa gave me My self confidence back. I finally love myself for who I am. I love my body and I flaunt it now. She showed me how truly beautiful I am. Not only on the outside but on the inside as well. . But most of all, Lisa helped me FIND myself again. The new and improved ME. The most important message I have to offer. Don't second guess it. Dive in, Say Screw the negativity, Be vulnerable, and be unapologetically YOURSELF. Your true beauty will show through the pictures she captures. You won’t only feel confident and beautiful in that moment, or even just for that day. It stays with you every single day! Whenever I have a bad day or I need to be uplifted I always look back on my pictures and I always go to Lisa’s Facebook boudoir group because I know no matter what all the ladies in that group will help lift my spirits. It’s a boss babes community that you can always count on. Thank you Lisa for being such an amazing and inspiring human, and thank you to all the ladies that are always there to lift all us up when we need it. I love you Lisa and I love all of you!"- Alysha

"I recently had a shoot done with Lisa, I went in a little nervous but the minute you walk in the door she and her team makes you feel like family!
I spent my hours there talking and having an amazing time! Her work is fabulous!
Can't wait til our family shoot this fall!!" - Jessica

"I had a photo session with Lisa in January of 2020. It was the best day I have had in a long time. From the first message I sent her nervously asking a million questions she responded in a way that was supportive, informative, excited and like I just gained a new friend and personal cheerleader. I booked a session that included hair and makeup and her purchasing outfits for me specifically and it was all WAY better than I could have ever hoped for. Anne Timms (google her!) did my hair and makeup and the entire process was phenomenal. Lisa was there talking me through what the shoot would look like and honestly just doing some girl chatting too. She showed me the outfits – I freaked out for a minute (For reference – I’m a plus size woman – like real plus size.)– and then she did what Lisa does best. She had outfits that fit me perfectly and were super flattering. She made me feel strong, confident, sexy, beautiful, worthy, and perfect in my skin. Don’t get me wrong, her photos were breathtaking and honestly I’m not sure how she made me look so badass in them. But the photos are the 2nd best thing about a shoot with Lisa. The way you feel leaving the photo session is what separates Lisa from every other photographer out there. I cannot recommend her enough – in fact I gifted a girlfriend of mine a session with her because I wanted her to feel the way only Lisa can make you feel. If you are on the fence – take the leap, the only regret you’ll have is not doing it sooner."- Tamra

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