She's Strong 

Finding yourself and meeting people along the way...

The mission of the "She's Strong Women's Retreat" is to get out of town, get out of your comfort zone, find your inner goddess badass power, meet new people, and leave the weekend feeling like you found something within. 

Our Story

The first "She's Strong" was in 2021 located in Leavenworth, Wa. The weekend included a three night stay, with food and drinks included. The retreat started with a social welcome and dinner. On the first full day everyone was provided with professional hair and make up, followed by an individual boudoir session with Lisa J. Bruce Photography. That evening we got dressed up and enjoyed a beautiful Italian cuisine. On the next day we started the day with delicious acai bowls, and the most perfect yoga and meditation class to follow. There was then some free choice hours where people went into Leavenworth, paddle boarded Lake Wennatchee, or layed by the pool. That evening we had a taco bar and bonfire. The weekend was filled with so much joy, and forever friendships. Every retreat will not be the same, but it will hold the same values of growing our souls, and leaving feeling rejuvenated. 

** The location of the 2022 event will be a different venue in Leavenworth called "The Leavenworth Lodge" . Other changes we have made is to add in more yoga to the retreat. We are so excited to share this time with you.